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My name is Jose Lopez, I´m a 54 years old Costa Rican native. I was born in the coffee growing area of Grecia in the province of Alajuela. That is, about 42 kilometers fron the capital, San José. My wife of 5 years is French-Canadian fron Quebec, and with her I share a profound love and apprecition of nature.
My journey into nature photography began when I was blessed by good fortune and crossed paths with Gregory Basco owner of "Foto Verde" tours and Monica Quesada, a professional photographer specialized in photo jounalism, who welcomed me as their apprentice in 2008. Fron then on,it has been a constant learning experience under the watchful eye of my mentors, from whom I Have learned the most recent techniques, both in theory and in practice.I´ve always been a nature lover, and a great enthusiastic of photography. Mother nature has given me many opportunities over the years to immortalize her beauty and grandeur. My hope is to be able to convey these feelings through my pictures.
e-mail voyager.cr@gmail.com